Sun Glazing a Curtain Wall Glazing company is one of the leaders in the development & commercialization of high quality Aluminium systems for Curtain Walls, Windows, Doors & Sun screening systems. Sun Glazing is a leading Facade Glazing company providing high quality products and services that meet international standards. Sun Glazing headed by Mr Madhusudhan has been established in the year 2006, with a background experience of over a decade in the production & manufacture of Aluminium products.

Sun Glazing was started as an ancillary involved in the factory Glazing works for various projects such as The Hyderabad International Airport, Deloitte, Hyderabad International Convention Center.. etc. Thereon from the year 2008 the company has been taking up Turnkey contracts for the Design, Supply & Installation of Structural Glazing & Facade Glazing works. The company over the years has built a Brand image for its consistent Reliability, Performance & Client satisfaction.

Sun Glazing is holding an experience and expertise of at least a decade in Glass Glazing and Aluminum extrusion industry for aluminum fabrication and extrusion provides the best of Glass, Facade Glazing and Glazing services in the market. Our extensive design, color offer, large glass surface possible, high insulation capacity has always provided maintenance friendly and extremely reliable systems.

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